Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fashion Design Classes in Central Pennsylvania

SHEILA FRANK is proud to announce our Fashion Design Program! Sewing, Pattern Making and Design Classes begin this Summer 2016.
Central PA will soon become a fashion hot spot.

Sewing 101 (4 weeks; 12 course hours $180)
Machine threading and operation, Textile construction and selection, Pattern layout and cutting techniques, Seaming and topstitching, Applying interfacing, Incorporating a lining, Zipper installation, Attaching hardware (snaps, D-rings)

Sewing 201 (4 weeks; 12 course hours $180)
Prerequisite Sewing 101
Introduction to pattern size charts and choosing an appropriate size, Pattern layout and cutting on-grain, Seam finishes (you will develop a portfolio of seam finishes), Neckline finishes: bias binding or facing applications, Hemming

Pattern 101 / Cut and Sew (4 weeks; 12 course hours $200)
Understanding how to read a pattern and lay out fabric to cut and sew. This class will have the student sew the garment from a store bought pattern.

Pattern 201 / Pattern Manipulation (4 weeks; 12 course hours $200)
Prerequisite Pattern 101

Using a store bought pattern the student will learn to change the silhouette and design something truly unique. This class will have the student sew the garment from a manipulated store bought pattern.

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Intro to Fashion (6 weeks; 18 course hours $375)
You will be introduced to the world of fashion through the exploration of trends and designers. Also learn about haute couture and ready-to-wear. Also journey through the history of fashion and learn terminology of fashion through the ages.  

Fashion Concepts & Illustration (8 weeks; 24 course hours $485)
Develop a visual fashion collection through the exploration of history, trends and fashion designers. Start with a sketchbook to express your ideas and learn to illustrate the traditional fashion figure to create a collection board/ mood board and a finished portfolio illustration.

Concept to Construction (12 weeks; 36 course hours $565)
Prerequisite Pattern 301
The foundation of the design process is pattern drafting and garment construction. Learn how to draft and adjust a basic sloper pattern, fit muslin and choose the right fabric for your garment. 

Fashion Portfolio Prep (12 weeks ; 36 course hours $565)
Students will design 6-8 Collections. Each Collection will derive from an Inspiration/Mood Board, Design Illustrations, Flat Drawing, and Fabric Swatches. This class will have a Juried exhibition at the Sheila Frank Showroom. This is great preparation for College interviews!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Childhood Memories

I am originally from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (outside Philadelphia), where in my younger years I attended Catholic School. I dreamed of being a ballerina wearing gorgeous costumes.

I never imagined I would become a fashion designer, especially with my lace of fashion sense, wearing the same uniform daily. I would express my creativity by drawing ball gowns on notebook paper. Looking at the sketches now I noticed a Victorian theme, that is present in my design style today.

I like most young girls, butchered my Barbie's beautiful blonde hair trying to create cool look with crayola markers. I would also make outfits out of toilet paper and tape. But who was I kidding, I wasn't Channel.

In 1997 my family and I moved from Upper Darby to Central Pennsylvania (2 hours away). Back then we didn't have cell phones, laptops, etc at our disposal to keep in contact. I remember in 1998 we got our first computer which was in the family room, where we could be monitored. My siblings and I would fight over the dial-up connection so that we can talk with friends on AOL Instant Messenger. Unfortunately I lost touch with most of my classmates.

I take a big gulp ... uttering this next sentence. Nearly 20 yrs later ( TWO DECADES!) I have reconnected with my childhood friends through the power of Face Book. Where would we all be without social media? My childhood best friend Kim-Loan reached out with an amazing request after I informed her ... What I do!

We took her wedding dress and created a new design for her daughter Juliana's First Holy Communion.

I was so thrilled to be apart of this special project. It meant a lot to me, because Kim-Loan and I received our First Holy Communion together. Through this process we reminisced about the past. I was reminded of the fun, silly innocence of our youth. True friendship without drama.

I am happy that we reconnected, happy for social media to make it possible. I hope that Juliana passes this dress on to her future daughter and so on.

Thank You Kim-Loan and Juliana for allowing me to be apart of your special day. xo Sheila

*Special thanks to Nicole (Alterations Specialist w/ Sheila Frank) for your help on this project. 
There are enough hours in the day. I love my team!