Thursday, February 4, 2016

1 day until the Grand Opening

On the Even of my showroom's Grand Opening, wrote a very nice article about me.  I am excited about the press, well because this is the first article with my new last name Kauffman.
I married the love of my life on 10.04.14. It is pretty surreal to see that last name in this article.

I feel weird talking about myself, I was never really comfortable doing that. I tend to be shy about my work. Actually a recent fitting, my clients mother told me that I am too humble and don't give myself enough credit. I am confident in my work, however I never want to turn people off in being boastful, or narcissistic. Often I just am quit and watch my clients facial expressions and listen. I suppose that is why I am good at what I do, because I am a good listener.

Thank You again and again to my beautiful clients and future clients. I am so excited to be apart of your lives and make you apart of mine. YOU ARE INVITED, so come and celebrate tomorrow night!

xo Sheila

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