Monday, February 6, 2017

SHEILA FRANK announces fashion styling with Bollywood Star

Actress Evelyn Sharma + Designer Sheila Frank
SHEILA FRANK announces fashion styling with Bollywood Star from Mumbai, India to be showcased at the 65th Annual National Prayer Breakfast

WASHINGTON, D.C. February 2nd, 2017-- Evelyn Sharma, Bollywood Star and Founder of Seams for Dreams, has requested to wear SHEILA FRANK’s gowns and dresses for a prestigious event. The event is the 65th Annual National Prayer Breakfast. The event will be led by the President of the United States, as well as attendees by worldwide government leaders and officials from 140 countries.

Evelyn Sharma is also the founder of Seams for Dreams, a non-profit, fashion charity organization based in Mumbai, India. It is their belief that fashion can empower people. Their business objective is to clothe over 100,000 per year. For more insight on Seams for Dreams, please visit their website at

Giving back is a huge part of the Sheila Frank brand. In June 2015, she launched the campaign #BUYateeGIVEonefree. When you purchase a Sheila Frank tee, it will be donated to someone in need. This once in a lifetime opportunity stays true to the Sheila Frank mission; help others in need.
“I always wanted to help, but was not sure how I should go about it, I wanted to use my fame and popularity for a cause.”
— Evelyn Sharma

Evelyn wearing the powdered blue jacket
“We have chosen your brand as we would like to promote sustainable fashion and we understand that your brand is one of the few in the world which promotes this. We look forward to showcase the sustainable gowns and dresses during this important event and Evelyn would be glad to wear them in her public appearances in India and in Europe as well and be able to promote your brand at the same time on press, partner networks and on social.”

—Seams for Dreams International Marketing Director

SHEILA FRANK is a fashion designer for ladies of all shapes and sizes. Sheila especially loves to design unconventional bridal gowns for the gal that wants something a little different. Sheila began her design career in ready to wear and has most recently transitioned into bridal.
Established in 2008, our small company is based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. United States. We create made-to-order garments with a heavy emphasis on design, fit, and quality. Each garment is handmade at our Mechanicsburg location. For more information, please visit

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